Industrial ROV Project


The ROV is planned with the required target in mind to dive to a depth of 300 m and achieving dimensions, weight and electrical components which accommodate it in its missions.

Mission objectives:

1. Pipeline inspection:

Pipeline inspection is a major application in oil and gas industry. Inspection detects rust, leaks, deformations and pipelines’ thicknesses which ease maintenance operations.

2. Excavating Historical Monuments:

Egypt is famously known for its drowned monuments, our ROV is being planned to excavate monuments and safely retrieve them.


To achieve objective tasks we are aiming to plant toolings which will aid the ROV to complete its major tasks.

1. Water Jet (Fig 1.0): the water jet uses a huge pressure of water to polish the found monument or object from sand, dust, etc.

2. Skid (Fig 2.0): A Skid based on wheels that rolls up on pipelines, the skid has two manipulators terminating with cameras to inspect pipeline to check its exterior and project the live feed image

Fig 1.0
Fig 2.0

Fig 3.0 shows a possible design in development of the planned ROV, while Fig 4.0 shows an alternative maquette, both designs are undergo simulation and CFD tests to determine an optimum design.

Fig 3.0
Fig 4.0